Update So I feel as if I have not been talking about myself at all, just reblogging stuff.

In terms of my diet and my fitness I’ve been doing really well. I eat healthy everyday and workout 5 out of 7 days a week. The only thing I must say has been a struggle is my consumption of alcohol on the weekends. As much as I tell myself that I can skip a weekend of drinking- I never do! Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t nights where I’m blacking out and throwing up, but I sure as hell am tipsy when I would rather have had the guts to turn down that shot. But what’s life without a little alcohol? I’m still doing much better with my health and am losing slow pounds (because I’m gaining muscle!). I feel my body slimming down and have noticed some of the cellulite around my butt and thighs disappear. I have to admit, I never thought I would see that go. Here are a few things I’ve been up to:

Although I currently live at home with my parents for the summer, I do have a house at school so my college friends and I like to use it as a meeting point to get together. This time we celebrated our friend’s birthday.


Lovely day at the beach as well! Long Branch in New Jersey is pricey and rich, but very nice overall.


I had a lovely night in the city with my sister and mom as well. We went and saw comedian Mike Epps at MSG and had a few drinks at some our local bars (one being a refurbished garage). Side note, who knew it was a thing to dress nice to comic shows?


We celebrated my grandma’s 80th birthday last week which was so fabulous… besides the part when my sister cried during her speech. I love my Jamaican family. Below is my mother dancing on the left and my sister and I with the birthday girl on the right


IMG_3846  IMG_3833


The next weekend we went to one of our favorite celebrations of the year- the Portuguese festival in Newark, NJ! I’ve been going every year since I was a baby and practically consider myself Portuguese. It was so much fun like always and like usual, we drank. The second picture below is of a man who was sitting behind us while we were eating and was too drunk to even comprehend what town he was in. Didn’t take long for the cops to take care of him.



The next day my sister and I- along with some Jamaican family members who have never even seen a baseball game- headed over to the Mets game in Queens, NY.



This past weekend I headed on down to Rutgers again to meet up with my college friends and guess what- I didn’t drink (besides one glass of wine). I was so proud of myself, but the next day it went to waste when we headed back down to Newark to watch the USA vs. Portugal game. Below you can see me holding the rope to the famous bell at Iberia.



Battery Park Fun (& Fleet Week) On Sunday my family made their annual venture into New York City (as if we don’t do it every weekend), and visited the Jewish American Museum down in Battery Park. If you’re looking for something fun to do downtown it’s a must.

After walking around the bay and dodging some annoying tourists, we scoped out a place to eat. If you need any recommendations, just comment.

I must blog about this, however. With my 19 years of experience in New York City, (and my sister’s 24 years and my parents’ 50+) I was never aware of a small condensed area named Stone Street. If you’re ever in the downtown area and want a good, slightly pricey, dinner of lunch head to Stone Street. Next to the more famous Pearl Street, this location has tons of outdoor seating set up like a beer garden with long picnic tables and great food. Ulysses is my favorite!

Above is a pic of me and my sis enjoying the sun and all the wonderful men and women who came by for Fleet Week!

IMG_3630 IMG_3625

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